DVD Region-Free

DVD Region-Free 3.68

Removes the region restrictions from the users' DVDs
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Fengtao Software
Watch region-protected DVDs everywhere in the world by removing the RC region code, the RCE region code enhancement, the CSS encryption and the Macrovision analog copy protection. The tool works automatically from the background and doesn't perform any firmware changes.

DVD Region-Free enables you to watch and copy DVD from any region on all DVD drives! It fully supports region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives, and does not require any firmware modifications. It will work, even if you can not change the DVD drive's region anymore.

DVD Region-Free works in the background to make DVDs appear region free and unprotected for DVD player and copy software automatically. With the help of DVD Region-Free you can watch any region code DVD movies with a software DVD player like PowerDVD or WinDVD! With DVD Region-Free's help DVD copy software like DVDFab, DVD X Copy, Pinnacle InstantCopy, InterVideo DVD Copy, etc. are able to copy CSS encrypted DVDs! Features include:
Very easy to use: works automatically in the background
Enables any region code DVD to be played in all software DVD players
Enables any CSS encrypted DVD to be copied in all DVD copy softwares
Removes region code (RC) from DVDs
Removes encryption (CSS) from DVDs
Removes region code enhancement (RCE) from DVDs
Removes analog copy protection (Macrovision) from DVDs

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